Saturday, December 19, 2009

V A L E R Y - - - S A U V A G E

Valery Sauvage is someone who's posted quite a bit of his interests on the internet. Although some of the information is in French Google has made it quite easy to translate and enjoy. Valery performs ukulele fingerstyle and caught my attention due to his classical performances and his performances of John King's arrangements.

Here's Valery's YouTube page:

From there you can obtain this link to his website. He shows his Naive (or Primitive) art as well as his other interests...

Here's Valery performing some of my favorite John King arrangements...

That resonator violele is quite a beautiful instrument!

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  1. I remember when photos of this resonator first appeared on Just breathtaking. Still one of the most
    striking ukes around. My own favorite ukulele of the moment is the F-hole tenor made by Chuck Moore of Moore Bettah Ukuleles played by Tim Sweeney in the two-minute video, Tim Sweeney Plays a Moore Bettah Ukulele.