Sunday, December 20, 2009


I like this video of Wendy (not my wife) because it reminds me so much of where I am at now and what I like about finger picking on the ukulele. It shows more of the depth of the OTHER possibilities on the ukukele. Thanks to Rob MacKillop of "Baroque Uke" for posting his student.

Here's Rob's page on things baroque, down the page you will see some classic ukulele reproductions: including some of our local luthier Michael DaSilva's handiwork...

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  1. Love Rob, and Wendy is a joy. Interesting that you're
    getting further into fingerpicking, as I've just
    in the past few days gone in the opposite direction and crossed-over to the Dark Side (as some would have it) and now use a pick exclusively. The composite felt ones shaped and sized like guitar picks and rather flexible suit me (the rubber and the big felt ones didn't). New ukulele worlds to explore...