Saturday, November 7, 2009

Hiking in the Lake Chabot Hills || More Pictures

These are the views along my hike that I make just about every other day! People associate the San Francisco Bay Area as a big metropolis but it seems to me that there's a beautiful natural areas within 10 minutes of just about everybody. I work from home and sit in front of a monitor and type into these black keys. What a joy it is to get out and experience the wonder of nature.
About half way up the Brandon Trail is this shady oak tree with an inviting bench. I rarely stop and sit I just like keep trudging on. I like the hottest of the summer heat days the best.

Further up the Brandon trail at about the 1-mile bench.

Here's a look west towards the bay. A haze prevents me from seeing across to the San Francisco peninsula. At the end of the paved raod is the Chabot Regional Wilderness campground.

Walking down the trail -- a look at the valley. Hey Ryan G. there's my alma mater, California State University at Hayward (the small square in the distance to the right.)

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