Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Hi Uke Fans,

Yikes or yippee ukes are everywhere!

Have you noticed the new (I think) TV ad for Subaru Outback with ukulele music and female vocalist?? Well I just tracked it down! Basia Bulat is a Canadian singer and the song is Before I Knew".

Tonite the Subaru ad was immediately followed by an ad for cookies which was accompanied by - you guessed it - ukulele music (no vocals).

We also watch a Japanese program "Out and About" which uses a very short Hawaiian animation and uke music as one of its between segment separators. Tuesdays around 6:30am on 60-2, second part of NHK World hour.

Last Wed at Berkeley Uke Club Susan led us in the song "Sway". So what did we hear tonite? A re-mix of Dean Martin singing Sway for Chrysler commercial. Yeah, I know, no ukulele in the ad but still a connection to BUC...

Jean E. ARE ( = ace research assistant )


  1. Don't know the sort of venue at which she's performing, so maybe the audience (won't call them listeners) yammering-on while she's singing is acceptable. But, I find it annoying, & it looks to me like she does, too.

  2. Love Sway, & there's a great version on the Swing Cats Big Band, 2008 CD, Just Swingin' Around. Great SoCal band, with (I just discovered & ordered) a brand new CD, Swing Cats Swing. No ukes, but when you're in a big band mood, who cares...