Friday, October 23, 2009

Traditional Spanish Guitar Techniques on Ukulele

Mike DaSilva sent me a link to the results for Bosko & Honey's ukulele video contest. The are about 60 entries and you can get them via this link...
I have only watched one and was quite impressed. Matt's YT page is appropriately named,


  1. Well, you're not the only one who's quite impressed. I wonder if he came to the ukulele via guitar (I do see a 6-string instrument on his wall), or played uke straight-off. Simple index-finger strumming is challenge enough for me.

  2. Did my Safari duty & watched, watched, watched some more, then voted. First off, why are there so few entries by females? I don't believe there were even ten out the sixty involving a female musically. And that's too few, relatively & absolutely.

    Was I the only person in Ukedom unaware of the fact that Daddy Stovepipe is Belgian? I wouldn't be surprised.

    First time I've ever heard Clair de Lune played on ukulele, & it sounded very nice. Loved Tim Sweeney's song & uke, & the inclusion in the video of (presumably) Mrs. Sweeney was a very lovely touch. Have taken to heart the Piecans' (England) admonition that we're never more that six feet from a rat/mouse.

    Voting is interesting. Videos are grouped by country & you must vote for one video per country, whether you want to or not, or whether there's only one entry for a counry (such as Brazil & Malaysia). I say you must because my votes were not accepted until I went back & filled in the blanks. Then you vote for one overall favorite. Mine was one of the entries from Germany, Alexander's Lullaby. The sweet tune & the adorable family proved irresistible to me, not that I tried very hard.