Friday, October 30, 2009

MOVIES || Japanese Sandman || Debra Paget

This YT video mixes snapshots with Beachboys music and segments of the movie. There's an extended ukulele scene. Suekulele said in her comment on the the Ukulele Movies post, "A beautiful scene of Debra Paget and Hoagy Carmichael doing "Japanese Sandman". He appears to play a soprano uke while she dances and sings.".

Ms Paget was quite a dancer. I came across this video of a Fritz Lang's INDIAN EPIC a German Film. This clip is quite intense and will likely only appeal to those with higher levels of testosterone and exotic dancers. Sorry there's no ukulele in this clip.


  1. To read a nice write-up on Japanese Sandman (1920) & view the original sheet music, visit

    The website of The Parlor Songs Association (popular sheet music of the 1800s to the 1920s)
    is a great place to browse for popular song & sheet music fans.

  2. Nice research Ron. Perhaps you should do a blog so I can learn some more. Seems you have quite a deep musical background.

  3. Japanese Sandman, Part 2 -

    To hear a nice modern rendering of the tune, drop by & visit the Broadcast Archive for the 9/27/09 performance of Richard Halpern's Hollywood Cavalcade (film songs from the '20s & '30s), Part 2, from about 1:24 to 3:13.

  4. Make that 1:24 to 5:13.