Monday, October 12, 2009

Jay Holiday Travels Route 66

Just a few of the photos of my kayaking and Uklectic buddy, Jay Holiday, with his Ovation Guitar. Makes this ukulele player jealous of all of the wonderful places he's seen on his journey from Chicago to L.A. via Route 66. Jay has a reporter buddy that takes him along on long journeys to take care of the necessities along the way. More to come...
Hey buddy, where's the U-K-E!

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  1. Had an Ovation way back when, though I never really cozied-up to it. Never really cozied-up to my Martin either. My favorite was a smallish Gibson I bought after slaving away in a summer camp kitchen after high school graduation in '68, but it was borrowed & never returned by someone who skipped town, a country player who knew good instruments.

    Just now posted on Ukulele Hunt almost exactly two hours after you. Tried a sopranino & couldn't cozy-up to it either. As I mentioned there, I've been around too long to consider the banjo & dulcimer to be weird, but if you want to see weird, visit the BBC News site, & watch the 8 October 2009 video of "the most revolutionary musical instrument in the last 60 years," the Eigenharp.