Sunday, September 6, 2009

CHEAP or TRASH INSTRUMENTALS (Altoids Resonators?)

I was checking out Shelley Richey's blog for those homemade instruments. Then the wild hair needed scrathin' and I went a looking for more genious on a budget. I am amazed at the quality of sound that these homemade instruments can put out. Be sure to check out the Red Rooster video below if you're a nut case like me. Love the use of an Altoids tin as the resonator. HU

Shelley Richey's Friend, Harm from Rotterdam

Cheap Box Instrument from wainscoting

One-String Old-Shovel Guitar

2-String Red Rooster Diddley-Bow, Altoids Resonator

One-String Hell-hound Diddley-Bow, Altoids Resonator
Shelley commented on Willard J - Be sure to listen to this mp3.
Willards folk art or primitive art is awesome. My wife Wendy is a crafter doing ceramic work. My mother studied fashion design in Sweden and the came to California made fine clothing for 35 years, had her own yarn shop in Fremont for a while. Now she's designing purses from her exquisite yarns. All this is meant to say - I like hand crafted items. Willard's imagination and colors are so bold and playful. Thanks Shelley.
These instruments sure can make an amazing sound! Thanks Shelley. HU


  1. Love the Shovel!!! Great find.
    You should check out Willard J ( I'm thinking that may very likely be where Red Rooster got his inspiration.

    Oh, and one little correction. My buddy, Harm is from Rotterdam. (Rotterdam and Amsterdam are rival cities so i must set the record straight, otherwise i'll be in the doghouse!)

  2. A woman named Ann left a message in Chinese Characters as best I can determine BUT since I can't read it, I am unable to accept your thoughts. Sorry Ann. HU