Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Lil Rev - DROP BABY DROP album CD

Caden sez, "It's good barefoot stompin' musik"
photo by Debra Boutwell his Indianapolis Grandma

Drop Bay Drop - Rare Blues, Novelty and Old Time Music for Ukulele
Lil Rev. (his purchase info is at the bottom of this post)
Just got a copy of Lil' Rev's new CD. He's got that good old hill country "barefoot" picking style
mixed with beautiful strumming skills. The Rev. shows a bit of the mischievious side in this CD. He has always been one of my favorite performers, storytellers and teachers. His use and skills on the ukulele are a joy to watch and listen to.
I heard his song, Boodle Am Shake, and liked the picking flavor. I googled for the chords and the master of all ukulele websites, Alistair Wood, surprised me by already having a posting of the song along with the finger picking licks and solid chords up the neck...
Ukulele Hunt post...
Yes, that's my Grandson, Caden Andrew West (3 years old)
To Order write: Lil Rev PO BOX 71362 Milwaukee, WI 53211 $17.00 POST PAID.

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  1. Ha! Thanks for putting this up. I get to play ukes with Lil Rev on a monthly basis (with the Milwaukee Ukulele Club) and so have had the chance to hear some of this already.

    Rev's always a ton of fun.

    While I'm thinking about it, may I add a plug for the Milwaukee Ukulele Festival coming up on Sept 26th?

    Great blog! Thank you!!