Sunday, July 5, 2009


My, unwitting research assitant, and ukulele muse, Doug Chew always sends me a lot of musical information to digest. He's relatively new to the ukulele but he incorporates incredibly thorough internet sleuthing skills to find all sorts of videos, music recording equipment, and at the best prices.
Doug is so analytical about everything he does. He's constantly looking for songs to perform and creating a checklist of what he feels makes a good performance. He regularly revises and adds to his plan. I just listen and try to do as much as I can and sometimes I get quite embarrased with my lack of skill. So one can say that "I'm crazy" for doing the same thing and failing but I'd like to think there may be some incremental progress with each small failure.
He sent me this video and asked me to respond about which is my favorite performance. They are just a sampling of performers at the 2009 festival.

My favorite in this video was "Uke Box". I like the traditional music and the vintage clothing. I think their act was the strongest for the audience.

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