Friday, June 12, 2009


I added a counter to my blog just about 8 days ago. It comes with a statistics counter. I have a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Mathematics with a minor in Statistics. So I do like to read numbers. While I went to college I built a different career in construction and now only use advanced high school mathematics on a daily basis. My Danish Friend, Mr. Kim J., has been encouraging me to get a counter on my blog. I am using and I'm impressed with the plethura, (3 Amigos lingo from El Guapo) of statistics that can be provided for FREE.

I am having fun seeing what people are finding the most popular, what photos are being collected, what countries people are searching from, etc. I took a look earlier in the day and found a SPIKE of about 170 over the average. I saw that there were numerous looks at the 3 Seated Ladies with the Banjo Ukes. Turns out the FRIENDLY KING of the ukulele blogging world made a one-line comment on the photo and WHAMMO! Alistair has the power of the pen!

Here's the best thing about looking at the stats though -- It encourages me to look backwards and relook at things that I had written before. Sometimes I forget. Here's a good old one. It also has some photos of King Alistair making faces. I think he must be on a witness protection plan because he keeps those photos quite small.

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  1. Always happy to send people your way, Jeff. You have all the best ukulele photos.