Sunday, May 10, 2009

No Tears In Heaven / Todd B. (doogey9)

Alistair Wood is back posting the best videos. This song was truly heartfelt and beautifully performed by Todd B. (Doogey9 on YT). I have listened to several of his songs, read some of his responses about the good sounds coming from cheap ukuleles, and check out his el cheapo foot percussion accompaniment. Great fun! We all should have a sign for "ukulele break time"

Al always get me started with some great stuff to research.

I have been thinking about those touches, "riffs" and "runs" that bring sweetness to a song. This video has those. I would like to explore this more for different keys. I think when Uncle Larry Martin gets back from Hawaii I am going to have to pay him a visit.


{Boy, I've been working toooo hard. My spelling has been terrible}

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