Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Ukulele Healing Vibration

I have been playing the ukulele for about 3 years now. It allows me a means to be musical and to enjoy strumming with others. I work from home and I work too much, my ukulele is a refuge and I strum for mini-vacations.

“I take the 'ukulele anywhere and everywhere, and I'm forever playing on it just as quietly as I can. I've found unexpected rewards in playing it quietly. The louder you play it, the faster the decay, i.e., the plunkier the tone. The thing sounds prettier and has a warm sustain when played quietly. It's kind of addictive.” - Steven Strauss

The ukulele truly makes a beautiful sound. I normally end my day strumming a few songs. It is an instrument of soothing vibration when played softly as Steven describes. I keep a binder especially devoted to his arrangements and I also use the pads of my index finger and thumb to get that special “quiet sound”.
When I'm learning something new I call it ukulele meditation. There's a process of slowling down using the music sheets as a map to a new understanding. So I slowly move and get the feel for the music using the miscues as reminders to stay focused. Wwelti's classical arrangements (see Ukulinkies) in 6/8 time allow one to play soothing ukulele tunes that are great for the quiet wee night hours.
There's a process of learning that I find so amazing. Once you've put in the time diligently counting out the time in a new song and working it over and over, there becomes a time when the music plays itself almost unconsciously. The fingers know where they're suposed to go.

I came across a some ukulele photos on the internet that led me to Jack Haas’ site and he has incorporated his instruments into his spiritual practices. He has an OMstrument and healing chakra stimulating ukulele chords videos, that you can click here to see…




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