Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Jason Mraz / I'm Yours


Andy from the Berkeley Ukulele Club. Tells the best dud dad jokes. I find them quite entertaining but they're the type of jokes a teenage daughter would roll her eyes and say "daaaaaaaaad!". Andy built himself a beautiful Mango ukulele at Mike DaSilva's studio. He's also a long-time ukulele-on-steroids of the 6-string variety (sometimes called a guita...) Andy can whip out the classic rock songs and at the last club meeting, the one where he brought pizza for the potluck open microphone meeting a couple weeks early, he was playing Jack Johnson's Breakdown and Jason Mraz' I'm Yours.

Aha, so that's why I posted this song here. I liked this video for it's energy and the drummer in this video is fun to watch too. The chords are not the basic ukulele super-friendly chords. But I have been practicing these barred chords upon the advice of Uncle Larry.

B = 4322, F#= 3121, G#m = 1342 (Oh yeah!), and E = 4442

One C#7 = 1112

I used to struggle with the Bb chord and now it definitely has been superceded with the E chord. I play it by using my index finger at the 2nd fret and reverse-flexing my ring finger on the 4th fret. This makes for a nice transition back to the B chord.

[The chording can be quite simple if moved a half-step higher --> C, G, Am, F and D7 but then you don't get all the practice using the barred chords.]

I hope the pizza is still good!


(Link for 'Lucky'

(Link for 'Life is Wonderful'

ADDED 7-29-09

And last, Ukulele Undergrounder Numero Uno, Aldrine Guerrero...

(Hey Aldrine, I heard Manny in the Background!)


  1. i absolutely love the Ukulele versions of Jason's Mraz's songs, they rock

  2. I used my thumb a lot on the 6th string of
    a classical guitar and brought the habit to
    the ukulele (a lot easier, of course, than
    on a wide classical neck). For that particular
    E chord I use my thumb on the 4th string, ring finger on the 3rd string, little finger on the
    2nd string, and index finger on the 1st string.