Saturday, March 21, 2009


There's another ukulele enthusiast site that is run by Jim Beloff. It is much the same spirit as in the UK. Click on the blog title above to get to the site. I was just looking at the Bulletin Board and found this thread requesting "your" favorite (5) songs.

The bulletin board brings up so many topics: what people have found, new songs, microphones, what is the best tenor ukulele?, ukulele festivals, etc. It is a way to keep current with the ukulele world.

You will also find:

1) Online Store
2) Player Directory
3) Events Calendar
4) Marketplace (Ukuleles for Sale LOOK HERE)
5) Collector's Uke Yak (Ask the inportant questions)
6) Jukebox
7) Mailing List
8) Ukulele Links

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