Wednesday, February 4, 2009

VIO-LELE / French Ukulele / David H. Artist

There is a French language ukulele site for those that might be interested. This violele was found there. is the link for the King David Ukulele Station.
Had a bridge pop off of a vintage Harmony that I bought from a club friend, Steve. Hey, these things may happen. So went down to the local Pete's Hardware Store in Castro Valley to get some glue, with my little ukulele in me hand, avec bridge. The hardware helper David was quite pleased to see an ukulele and recommended a good glue.
David has a tenor ukulele and a project mahogony-cigar-box-dulcimer-ulele. So it turns out that David is quite the computer artist, jewelry maker, designer. His computer artwork may be found here... David has a sitar, dulcimers, recorders, and an ukulele that he shared with me. I also took a picture of him with his project piece. His artist's eye pays attention to every detail, he crafts with artison skill.

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