Friday, August 22, 2008

Alistair WOOD / Ukulele Hunt / ENGLAND

This is a camp photo from my collection of player photos, is that Alistair?

This Humble Uker has a not so humble friend, yes it’s Alistair Hunt. Al is a master musician, webjunkie, and he claims and can provide documentation for being the number one ukesite on the web. I believe him and I know why he’s tops:
  • Ukulele Hunt can be subscribed to as a daily feed direct to your e-mail
  • Ukulele Hunt frequently posts songs with TABS
  • Ukulele Hunt frequently posts songs with CHORDS
  • Ukulele Hunt frequently works out popular riffs with TABS
  • Ukulele Hunt has Music Theory, Ukulele 101 Hints, and Practical Advice, see
  • Alistair has also made a few ukulele books that are sold at true bargain prices and you can print them on your printer.
    - How to Play National Anthems
    - How to Play Ukulele Chord Progressions
    - How to Play Ragtime Ukulele
    - How to Play Christmas Ukulele
    - Ukulele 101

    I have been sending e-mails to my ukulele friends for over a year and I must confess that much of my inspiration comes from Woodshed’s daily feed. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!


    [My old Lars Larsson themed video collections from the defunct bulletin board of the Berkeley Ukulele Club.]]

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  1. Thanks very much, Jeff. Webjunkie: definitely. Master musician: no. I'm an enthusiast rather than a 'master'.