Sunday, January 25, 2015

Glen Rose || Jazzy Uke Upcoming Workshops

Glen asked me to put out the word about his upcoming workshops...

Feb 1 -- Penang, Malaysia, Manuel Uke Shop

Feb 8 -- Singapore, Ukulele Movement

March 6 -- Seoul, Korea for GGUM Ukulele Co. (contact:

March 7 -- Seoul, Korea, Master Class (contact:

March 23-27 -- Ukulele Band Camp-Columbia Gorge, Oregon (

April 4 -- Seattle, for Dusty Strings Music
April 5 -- Seattle, WA for Dusty Strings Music, Master Class

April ?? -- Whidbye Island, Washington

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  1. Glen will transform your chord palette. You'll have colors you never imagined possible. If you've been working mostly with majors, minor, sevenths, you'll be given extended chords and altered chords and their fingerings aren't that hard. Your ears will open. Not only will you learn to play jazz songs, you'll have the potential to write jazz songs. He transformed my playing and he's a wonderful person and singer.---------Kimosabe