Sunday, January 27, 2013


Hello HU Friends:

Humble Uker Ramblings was my starting place for my music. I used this blog as my personal library or notebook of everything I could find. It grew and grew. I have taken on a full time job about 4 months ago that has been very demanding and I've had less time to research and share but I will continue to do so only perhaps at a turtle-pace.

As I looked at my blog I noticed that many of my brother and sister blogs have slowed their pace as well. Ukulele Perspective hasn't posted in 3 months. Likewise Ukulele & Languages in 4, Play Ukulele by Ear 9, Uke Crazy Bitches in 11 months respectively.

I don't think there's any less love for music or the ukulele. But for everything there is a season. I will speak for myself and say that I have migrated over to the bigger baritone ukulele and I play it in both high D and low D tuning and most everything that I learned on the ukulele translates. The other thing that I think has slowed me down is that I have become more comfortable with the ukulele and use it as my meditation / relaxation time since my world has become full of commuting and working deadlines.

I have been paying more attention to the Humble Baritonics blog because that is what I am playing and there is really so little out there specifically for the baritone ukulele. 

How has your music morphed since you started playing the ukulele? Do you also play other instruments? I bought a dulcimer about 3 weeks ago and it has a very different sound. Has your music become more private or more a time to share with good friends? To me it has been a blend of both with more space between.

Ron Hale is still finding some of the best videos with me and he keeps me on the edge of what's new.

Keep making music...

Jeff / Humble Uker


  1. Hi Jeff,

    I haven't posted on Ukulele & Languages for 4 months as you accurately reported but I am still reading what my ukulele friends post :)
    I am still playing my concert ukes and my Pono baritone, as well as a bit of guitar.
    I have been busy writing a book (fiction) with a friend and now we're busy looking for a publisher. This explains why I haven't posted in a long time.
    All the best,


  2. Hello Armelle, I knew that you were involved in new projects. I think that many of us are and bringing along our new musicality as a part of our lives. So nice to hear from you all of the way from France. One good thing about having a commute is the time I have to study my Pimsleur Language tapes in Swedish. Next I will either go to North American Spanish or Mandarin Chinese. Jeff

  3. Jeff,

    Actually, Play Ukulele by Ear has been updating continually, but Jim D. changed his site; your link is pointing to the old site.