Thursday, July 5, 2012

Wicked Penguin (Steampunk) || Until the End

Here's an amazing video production...

From WickedPenguin's YT comments:
Escape the Clouds creates steampunk music. 
Listen to all three albums at
Official site:

"The Song: A reimagined, stripped version of Until the End's title track, it's the tale of a captain and the beloved ship that has carried him on throughout his life. It was recorded using two electric ukuleles, 5-string bass, pizzicato violin, two shakers, and a Native American buckskin drum.
The Album: Using a mix of industrial and global sounds to paint vivid characters, stories, and emotions through music and words, Until the End strikes a balance between aggressive and poignant. From the cautionary dieselpunk tale of a crack aerial hitman... to the Victorian lady succumbing to her illicit wants... to a Louisiana vampire hunter's last gig... to a fresh telling of the Jack the Ripper story, every track is distilled from ideas either historical or fictional -- and many times both.
The Artist: Escape the Clouds has released three albums of steampunk music in as many years and is also a published author of steampunk works. He's been featured on sites such as and, was nominated for three Steampunk Chronicle Reader's Choice Awards, and has been a panelist on Dragon*Con's steampunk track. Based out of Pensacola, FL, he enjoys telling stories through music and through words."

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