Saturday, June 23, 2012

Ken Middleton || Ode to Greenscreen Fun Clawhammer Style

Ken sez:
"Not a lot of people know that Beethoven loved to play clawhammer ukulele. Some believe that his 9th Symphony was originally for the instrument and that he had the UOGB in mind when he wrote it. However, this theory seems unlikely at best as he wrote it in 1824, several years before the Ukulele Orchestra were founded. And yes, this uke is fitted with my new Living Water Strings. if you want a set, you can order them from my website. I recorded this video during the recent Ukulele Boudoir in Paris. The French guy who looks like me and is wearing my clothes is, in fact, a complete stranger. Weird stuff does happen. Don't take what I have written too seriously, PLEASE."

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