Wednesday, March 21, 2012

DreadLockandLoad || Alto Blues (Original)


  1. Hi HU, hope all's well with you. I'm a Brit and travelled to Luxembourg this week to see the United Kingdom Ukulele Orchestra. They were great. Star of the show for me was Sarah Dale who turned her fine singing voice to several genres, and was excellent throughout. There was also a lot of humour, much of it bordering on the Monty Python. Well worth making the trip.

    And yes, I know TUKUO and the UOGB are two different groups (I have seen the UOGB live too).

    1. Bo-gus detector activated.

      - Similarities to other bogus posts that compare the TUKUO to Monty Python.

      - Need to mention British authenticity.

      - Preempts argument that TUKUO is passing themselves off as the UOGB in Europe.

  2. Love that original song, "the alto blues" .. just about sums it up for me.. Who is the artist?

  3. Hi there! I just googled myself (as you do :P ) and found that you featured me here! Thank you! I am so pleased that people are enjoying my music! You can find more of me at the following links :) Thank you again!
    - Kate