Friday, January 13, 2012

Gnomie Lullaby || Sleepy Barnyard Town

"Come sing-along with sleepy farm animals in this lovely ukulele lullaby by SF band Lucky Cloud. This is from Gnomie Farmland Adventure, the new application for iPhone and iPad. With Gnomie's "Read Me a Story" feature, parents have the option to record their own voices for a personalized and engaging storytelling experience. Kids can learn the names of different farm animals in seven languages, the kinds of sounds each animal makes, and the roles each animal plays on a farm. Designed with young attention spans and active fingers in mind, the story can be started at any point. Best of all, easy interactivity allows kids to explore the farm with adults or independently, making learning a fun adventure, and making this an ideal choice for young readers! Visit Gnomie at"

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