Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Bruce Emery || Baritone Ukulele from Scratch

Here is the first Baritone Ukulele Book that I have been teasing for the last couple of months. Bruce Emery has written several Guitar books and I have seen them at my favorite music stores. His titles include:
  • Guitar from Scratch
  • Guitar from Scratch: The Sequel
  • Fingerstyle Guitar from Scratch
  • Blues Guitar from Scratch
  • Travis-Style Guitar from Scratch
  • Musical Principles for the Skeptical Guitarist -- Vol 1: The Big Picture
  • Musical Principles for the Skeptical Guitarist -- Vol 2: The Fretboard
  • Musical Principles for the Skeptical Guitarist -- Jazz
  • Christmas Strumalong Guitar
  • Christmas Fingerstyle Guitar
I purchased the Travis-Picking book to see how I might apply this style to bari-uke playing. After reworking a song from the book I contacted Bruce and sent him a copy of my rough adjustments. We had a couple of e-conversations and he said that he had been considering doing a ukulele book and that he had played the bari as a youngster.

Bruce has a very comfortable writing style and I am excited to get the book in my hands. His other books are all spiral bound and I expect this one will too. I have seen the table of contents and I think that it's going to be quite an interesting guide and have already ordered three copies. One for me, one for a Christmas Gift and another to send to my son Joshua in Indianapolis, Indiana. 

Inside the Travis-Style book I purchased there are some short reviews...

Elderly Instruments wrote, "Emery is a teacher who apparently has ESP when it comes to learning guitar. Things are broken down into sensible pieces that you'll wonder why everyone doesn't teach this way."

David McCarty, Acoustic Guitar Magazine wrote, "Focused and vastly readable... Conversational approach is warm and engaging... Humor, insight and patience."

Thanks Bruce!

Jeff / Humble Uker

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