Sunday, September 18, 2011

Deach || My Study

Deach is an original. He has a very thumby strum, great rhythm, and muting techniques. He is a master lyric weaver -- "What would he do if a jelly fish stung you?" This blog started off as a way to capture musical things that I wanted to learn and remember and since has been all over the place. So for right now I want to study Deach and look at his techniques. Look at his chords and learn from the self-made master.

1) His thumby strums mix up and down beats in a steady but as yet unidentifiable pattern. I need to try to replicate that sound on my uke to work that out. The rhythm is so solid and is something I could work on quite a bit more. His strumming technique is quite unique.
2) He is playing with a low G string which I also prefer for that deeper sound.
3) I think he is using Am/mutes, Em/mutes, and G/mutes throughout the song. The Am is played 2000 and the muting is achieved by flattening out the left hand softly on the strings. Both Em=0432 and G=0232 are muted by releasing the pressure on the strings but keeping the fingers softly on the strings to mute them.
4) The pattern appears to be (i - v - VII) which I don't immediately recognize but it has a sadness to it which relates well with the tone of the song.

I am not trying to steal Deach's sound. Just study it. Each player has a unique sound, different hands, different skills, different musical backgrounds. I also think that his music is worth some study because he clearly creates a "mood" in each of his songs. Studying chord patterns brings more knowledge of this instrument. The strange thing about "stealing" music is that music is living and the new is constantly built upon the old. Who did the Beatles build their musical prowess upon?

I know that Deach has been inspiration to many ukulele players and song writers. He has gone through song issues with YouTube that were burdensome. His original song creations live on! Thanks Deach for sharing your music.

Jeff / Humble Uker

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