Wednesday, July 27, 2011

WONDERFULLY ASKEW: Lil' Rev is trying raise funds for his new CD

Lil' Rev has been trying to raise funds for his upcoming CD project called: Wonderfully Askew -- a collection of rooted originals, while his earlier recorded works focused on Blues, Jazz, Country and Tin Pan Alley, this is his first all original collection of ukulele music. I enter the studio next week and should be done recording in 2-3 weeks, then begin with putting the CD artwork together and duplication.

He has have raised half this amount so far from his fans, mostly thru mailed in checks but he still needs to raise another $3,000. Here is the online link,

Or to: Lil Rev PO BOX 71362 Milwaukee, WI 53211 USA

Lil Rev

ALSO: The beloved Lil' Rev is a director of the Milwaukee Ukulele Festival held 9-24-11

Lil Rev

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