Monday, June 27, 2011

Uni, Shelley & U'Zaza Perform "On My Way"

This makes me realize how the sense of community has grown around the ukulele. People from all around the world are playing music and singing and some are making really good music too. I "met" Shelley thru my blog, and came to know Ukulelezaza thru my Australian friend Terry C. Terry C. has even met Uni although I live just across the S.F. Bay from her.

Something that I like about this video is seeing Shelley play the washtub bass. I think all ukulele players should take turns learning the washtub bass (or hand drum) when playing with their friends. I think we'd all get a better understanding of music.

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  1. An odd little Uni video fans might like, Jeff -

    uni and her ukelele street art promo