Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ukulele Club of Santa Cruz || South City Midnight Lady

Here's another video of a performance from the UCSC Open Mic Night April 2011. The open mic night ENTHUSIASTICALLY welcomes and SUPPORTS ALL LEVELS of performance but you can tell there was some serious music being performed. This video shows Jerry, Jay and Robbie playing bass, guitar & electric uke. Those that have been along for the ride here on HU will recognize them as my bandmates from the Psychodelic Uklectic Experience. Ooops, Oh Yeah we were just the Uklectics.

There were a few feature solos but I would like to give major KUDOS to Robbie for her finger picking solo -- did you notice the crowd reaction? Uke club people are the best. There's a rumor going around that James Durban will be coming to the next open mic night! J/K.

By the way tonight is the UCSC meeting night at Bocci's Cellar in Santa Cruz.

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