Tuesday, May 3, 2011

TUKUO || This is Funny!

Dance of the Sugar Plum Uker (Embedding was disabled.)

Take a look at this one by the most hated ukulele orchestra in the world. I thought Tiny Tim was the only uke player that could garnish so much negative emotion. I think this is an excellent video. But in order to form your own opinion I suggest you look quick because someone is making every effort to shut them down.

Please press the LIKE or DISLIKE button as you feel appropriate. I rarely press these buttons but in this case I think it appropriate.

Humble Uker


  1. The like/dislike buttons are disabled on this video.

  2. Yes, the comments and likes/dislikes are turned off too. Rats.

  3. this is why the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain is in fear of any competition, I know why: This TUKUO orchestra is excellent and very funny !

  4. I think not. UOGB doesn't fear any competition! They were livid that another band would use their promotional data as their own! UOGB is TOP SHELF in my opinion. I do like TUKUO too and their schtick is following along in the same commercial path that UOGB has blazed and excelled.

    Jeff / Humble Uker

  5. They should have practised some more. This is actually quite badly done. Not so bad for amateur ukers having fun, but to tour with it and sell expensive tickets to an unsuspecting general public.....
    Staying alive is also especially nasty. An Lucy in the sky etc. Bad timing and synch in the playing and singing. Thay are playing alongside each other rather than together.


  6. Please knock off the "most hated ukulele band in the world" silliness. This just plays into the hands of UOGB bootlickers.

    The only people who take clicking on a thumb symbol seriously are twelve year-olds. And if ukers could conduct themselves in a civilized manner rather than carrying on like screeching monkeys flinging their poo about, perhaps TUKUO would allow them to comment. But evidently they cannot and don't deserve the privilege.

    Perhaps showing some of their recently reposted performance videos would give people a better
    idea of TUKUO. The notion that they are poor performers fooling an audience is absurd. Let people see Brass In Pocket, Mamma Mia, their Puccini performance, for example, and readers will see that their performances are professional and pleasing to an audience. And
    best of all, lots of fun.

    Let's not forget that they are a new band and don't have decades of polish. But on the other hand, performing is something new and fresh and exciting for them and it shows in their enthusiasm. An enthusiasm, I might add, not shared by bands that have been around a lot longer...