Monday, May 2, 2011

Santa Cruzers || I have a favor to ask...

I found this photo at the Ohlone College Flea market about a month ago. It says it was taken in Santa Cruz May 11, 1920. It says, "In front of Casin's & Boardwalk"

Pa Marengo (or Marenge) took the photo of Ma, Aileen (10), Aug (16) & Ern (14). If anyone recognizes this house or the family name please let me know. The photo is now 91 years old and could be a treasure to some family member, or current homeowner.


  1. It looks like someone traced over the original faded writing. I would bet "Casins and Boardwalk" is actually "Casino and Boardwalk" as what is now the the Arcade was originally a Casino.

  2. Hey TK thanks for taking a look.

    I was curious about that word. I thought it might have been "cousins." I was wondering if this place is still across from the boardwalk?

    I wish it hadn't been written over.


  3. That looks like the stairs up to the Boardwalk from the beach. I agree it probably was the Casino at the Boardwalk. Those stairs are probably still there (maybe they've been rebuilt) but I bet you could go there a check out the background. The first Boardwalk burned down in '06 and was then rebuilt. What is there now is basically from that rebuild. Marty Carlson

  4. Thank you Marty -- I hadn't thought that this was a photo from the beach side but it is quite a stair. The attire doesn't make me think beach though. I will have to make a special trip to the beach soon. Jeff

  5. Call Ross Gibson, 423-1932, Santa Cruz historian extraordinaire. He will give you more information than you even want! Drop my name. He is a sweetheart. He has email, but don't know it. Low tech friend... Has a great house at the intersection of Almar and Wect Cliff - worth paying a visit.

  6. Stanley D. StevensMay 5, 2011 at 11:07 AM

    I think you will find the answer in the following:
    The Marini Family had a candy store at the Boardwalk.
    See pages 70 & 71 in "The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk: A Century by the Sea" a book produced by the Santa Cruz Seaside Company in 2007, published by Ten Speed of Berkeley.
    Stan Stevens