Sunday, May 1, 2011

Mick || You Can't Judge a Book by it's Cover

I judged this video when I saw the Mahalo Flying V ukulele and I was wrong. This is a hot video and peformance. Nice work Mick!

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  1. I keep telling you Vs are cool, Jeff. But, no... Mick, of course, made the epic video, Loved By A Looney, using a Mahalo Tele. Brently's main adz is blue Mahalo. Danny Twist
    rocks a Mahalo Tele.

    You see, HU, some ukes are meant to be played, really played, romped and stomped to within an inch of their lives. Other ukes are meant to be gently plucked during high tea while ukers are nibbling on cucumber sandwiches. And still other ukes are meant to be kept in hermetically sealed cases and brought out only once every uke wave to be bowed down to by uke priests and their flock.

    Now, in our messed-up sense of priorities the latter two types are deemed to be the superior specimens of ukulelia instrumentalia. Mick has his head screwed on right, though.