Saturday, May 28, 2011

Maya Avery Graham || Toddlers and Sound

I got an $8 soprano ukulele from the Flea Market a couple of months ago. I keep it for my granddaughter Maya Avery Graham to play with each week when we get the pleasure of her company. She is precisely 9 months old now and our treasure. We have a ritual of going upstairs to Grandpa's music room and sitting, picking and pounding out sounds. She understands that the strings make sounds and I give her mini-ovations whenever she gets her picking going. My ovations bewilder her a bit but she enjoys making sounds. Seems like she's past the stage of always wanting to taste the ukulele.

Does anyone have experience with real small children and music? I would like to hear what you have down to allow the spark of musical inclination to develop.

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