Sunday, May 1, 2011

Jake Wildwood & Friends || Love & Light

From the YT comments on this song...
"This is a song written by Ken Lutton & Jennifer Vyhnak and performed by the two of them right here in our country store (The Wildwood Flower) in Rochester, VT. I'm sitting in with the Niu Kani coconut uke in the back. Both Jennifer and Ken are members of the Vermont Ukulele Society and good folks to boot!"


When there are no easy answers
When you see no reason why
When you feel like you can't help at all
There is a path we might try

Love and light
Light and love
Send your love up
Let it shine down from above
On those who need it the most
Love and light

When it all becomes so real
The hardships that we see
Don't try to explain
Why all of this might be

Just hold them close
Keep them near
Do what you can live your life from right here
For those who need you the most
Love and light


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