Sunday, May 15, 2011

George & Beryl Formby || Music & Real Life

It appears from the article below that the man who gave so much joy to Britain had little joy in his personal life. This is really more than I wanted to know. If you want to remember the joyful side of George, then don't read the following...

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  1. Well, I did read it and I'm not the least bit impressed. Journalistic hogwash, far too one-sided to be anything other than a smear piece. Someone really had it in for her.

    Just one example: she was a "ruthless" negotiator. Being a tough negotiator is
    a good thing as far as I'm concerned. Others, particularly males, would be praised for it, but Beryl Formby is attacked as "ruthless."
    Why not just call her bloodthirsty, in the bargain?

    Is the Daily Mail some sort of respected British news source, I wonder? Based on this, I'd doubt it. Motives need be seriously looked into here. Don't believe everything you read, HU.

    Not to mention, the picture of George Formby as
    a bloodless patsy completely at the mercy of his harpy of a wife, not only insults him, but speaks to some deep-seated anti-female feelings harbored by the writer. Way, way, way too over the top. There may be some truth in this somewhere, but this garbage ain't it.