Friday, April 29, 2011

TUKUO || Urban Spaceman (Live Performance)

TUKUO is TUKUO. A relatively simple band with an O.K. sound. Not brilliant, but a load of fun anyway.

Our beloved little instrument has been removed from the toy box. That is a literal fact in my household. My father gave his 1960's soprano Harmony ukulele to my oldest kids. It sat in the toy box or on a shelf for nearly 20 years. Then, one day the kids were all grown, and I found the ukulele. I started to strum it for a few days about 6 years ago now. My neighbor said, "You know there's a ukulele festival in Hayward every year." It was just a month away. Oh, how my wife hated the ukulele for several months!!!

But now we all know the ukulele is a real instrument and it is hot. The world is singing -- why? because the uke is accessible, friendly, fun, transportable. It can be childish, it can be classical, it can be dorky, it can be used to serenade. And we have 100,000 or more videos on YT to prove it.

TUKUO has stirred up a hornet's nest with publicity that was ahead of its time. "Cult Sensation!" well no, perhaps in a Monty Pythonish sort of way of over exageration. Heck, let's just say... TUKUO ist TUKUO.

Jeff / Humble Uker / Humble Baritonics / DoGBonE Baritone
Proud member of the Berkeley Ukulele Club and Ukulele Club of Santa Cruz.

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