Wednesday, April 6, 2011

TUKUO || The United Kingdom Ukulele Orchestra Gets a Review from Frankfurt

We have one TUKUO review...
"I've seen them in Germany, they are great! It's an excellent comedy-show with very, very professional musicians, we had a lot of fun in Frankfurt!" -- Anonymous

...and hope to hear more details, concert video shots, etc...


  1. I don't know, HU. I heard of a couple who complained that they thought they were going
    to see that "Jake person" and demanded their
    money back. Management refunded their tickets
    and threw in two large lollipops and Herr und Frau skipped home ever so happily. So you never know just what to believe. And I do hope that Anonymous wasn't so monikered in order to avoid reprisals.

  2. I can understand you wanting to remain anonymous Especially with your review sounding so much like their press release.. How do you now if was an excellent comedy show? Did they make you laugh? There is nothing more funny than very, very professional musicians.

    Why the post here? Are you planning on touring North America?