Monday, April 25, 2011

NO-UKE-ZONE || Denver City Salt-Lick (Diddley Bow)

This is some hard rocking Diddley Bow mastery!

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  1. Well, this may be the No-Uke-Zone, Jeff, but
    this is first and foremost a band with electric ukulele. Let's make sure readers understand this. And one of my favorite uke bands to boot, so it's nice to see them make their HU debut, even if it is through the back door, so to speak.

    Fronted by brother and sister, HU. Bama Slim is
    a perpetual motion machine on his Mandobird amped uke, and Cate Hate pounds her washboard right along with him.

    Hard to go wrong with them, but let me recommend their recent video performances of
    'Romp & Stomp' (exactly what it says), the instrumental 'Coffin Killer' and my own favorite, 'Baby Jesus Wept.'

    My favorite because it's the story of my life.
    Yes, when the Devil made me, baby Jesus wept. Why? Because I'm evil. True story, everyone in the family knows it.