Sunday, April 3, 2011

A New Blog || A Beginner's Ukulele Resource Kit

There's a new blog just beginning and it currently has only 16 posts -- so it would easy to get the feel of where the blog is going. I like the title, simple Tumblr format, and content. It studies songs and gives a bit of ideas for the beginner. I like what I see except the dreaded G# chord is a toughie (GCEA=1343). [Ouch! That shape still is tough for me.] I have added it to my blog list of blogs to regularly check out. There are some great photos of a few painted ukes too. Link.

1 comment:

  1. Don't waste your time on it, Jeff. There are better ways
    to play the chord, and throwing this horrid shape at beginners is blog malpractice. A form I like to play around with is 5 3 4 6, which is more or less G#, I believe, as it just doubles a different note
    than usual. I'm shaky here, but I think I'm right. Al would know. It may look tricky, but it's easier than the one that you rightly dread.

    Some chord shapes are just theoretical shapes as far as I'm concerned. Yes, they play by the rules and are real chords, but only the insane actually try playing them. And foisting them on beginners should be cause for disblogment.