Saturday, April 2, 2011

Humble Uker (Swedish Roots ABBA Extravanganza)

Sorry no ukes... ABBA in Norway 1975

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  1. Only right that you should feel pride in your heritage, Jeff. Thanks for sharing some of that heritage with the rest of us. And I hope this hammers home to you the truth of what I always say, and that is that ABBA is not just about the music, it's also about the costumes. And the shoes, don't play ABBA without the right shoes. Wear a pair to the next BUC meeting and fight off the females, HU.

    I think I mentioned to you that the idiot Brit judges at the Eurovision Song Contest didn't give
    ABBA even a single point. Combination of the national cuisine (heh heh heh) and not having any local females of ABBA caliber in the contest (or in the country, for that matter).

    Anyway, time for some cultural immersion - in high-def and full-screen.