Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Brently at the Improv: Ghetto Fight

Comedian Brently, DailyUke, has a goal to do 365 songs in 365 days. I'm not really keen on the musicality of the whole deal. I don't feel it's a great showcase for the ukulele. Have I become a ukulele prude? I told Brently that I was watching his videos under protest and he responded in such a way that I thought I would give him another chance. The more I see the more I realize that he's completely insane, no, he's doing the creative process much like the song-a-day man Jonathan Mann that I have posted both on Humble Baritonics and DoGBonE Baritone.


  1. 10:35 of Brently is too much, Jeff. This doesn't work for me as comedy or music.
    Ghetto Fight is one of his worst, as far
    as I'm concerned, and that's saying quite a
    lot as there's plenty of competition.

    And can someone, anyone, tell me what
    those fools were laughing at? I was cringing
    the whole time.

  2. Wow! First off, I totally agree. 10:35 is too much. And to be fair that was not an original song, it was written by the Austin band Deep Sombraros. I like the line about it being one of my worst, though and having a lot of competition. It's a bit of silly passion and yes, a bit too long to post! What are they laughing at? Maybe the physicality and absurdity taken very very seriously. Perhaps it's better caught live? Or, like Jeff says, I am completely insane. Although I don't think I'm interesting enough for that. Thanks Zizi for taking the time to comment! There's always hope to win you over yet! :) But certainly can't win 'em all. Have fun with what you do and keep strumming!