Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Most Detested Ukulele Orchestra in the World Reappears

The "Cult Sensation," TUKUO, returns in a roaring live performance before an enormous crowd of adoring fans. (I jest.) This band put it's press image out before the performance and earned the ire of the Ukulele Cosmos and UOGB loving fans. Humble Uker Ramblings has never heard as much venom on any other topic. But an anonymous tipster alerted me that the latest TUKUO video from 13 March 2011 had just surfaced on UC.

Check out the previous HU post and comments, here.

If one takes a look at this TUKUO video solely as it stands here, I must say it is clean, concise and comely. But they don't seem to connect with the crowd like UOGB. Where was the crowd? Were they in a seperate studio?

Added 11pm 3-13-2011
Abe Gustrant has further information on his CompleteHorseShit blog:
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  1. They don't seem to connect with their mouths. It's badly mimed. At the end the Cliff Richard look alike doesn't even bother to sing. I pity anyone who is hoodwinked into paying to see them.

  2. Hey Jeff, the monkeys are screeching up a storm and flinging their poo all over this video on YT. Read the mighty ukulele warriors defending the gates (and the status quo) against the barbarian hordes, good for some hearty laughs.

    I like TUKUO and don't give a rat's left butt cheek what the Ukulele Cosmos feels about anything at all. If this performance was mimed, it's because the show had them mime, and there was no audience beyond just a few who make zombies look animated.

    For all the talk about the ukulele being such a happy instrument, there seem to be some highly nasty players out there missing any semblance of a sense of humor.

    Remember, HU...It's only a ukulele, it's only a ukulele, it's only...

  3. It's interesting that you keep defending them, when the scam they're trying to pull is so obvious. Lip-synching with little attempt to even fake strum the uke by some members is a bit off-putting, but perhaps that's what type of entertainment you enjoy. Defend away, my friend! And if you enjoy them, I suggest a rapid trip to Germany. I doubt their scam will work in many other places in the world. Good luck to you.

  4. It's a lip-synch and not a great one at that. Shoddy, really. The shot of the studio is the audience that's with the host watching the tape in studio, not connected to the uke group's video at all.

  5. I'm no particular fan or defender of the UOGB, but come on, that video is just dreadful on every level. The dull, joyless, uniform "chanka-chanka-chanka" of the strumming, an 'arrangement' that consists of everyone playing the same chords, the extraordinary gurning and excruciating forced banter of the front man (who even gives up trying to mime by the end), the complete lack of stagecraft and stage presence: you'll see and hear better at any open mic or uke club anywhere you'd care to name.

    Under-rehearsed, ill-prepared and completely unprofessional - and this is when they're miming. Heavens to betsy, imagine them actually playing live.

  6. When those of you mounted ever so proudly astride your moral high (rocking) horses sputtering "Outrage!" far and wide throughout the Ukulele Lands finally tire of the silly games and decide to rejoin the rest of us sane lads and lasses, I've a ukulele orchestra you just might enjoy.

    This would be the TGS Ukulele Orchestra. No idea at all what the letters represent but this
    group of young people deserve more support from ukers everywhere. Start with their video cover of the Four Seasons' Beggin', you won't be disappointed.

    But if for some reason you are, why just hop right back up on those hobby horses and paddle about the place shouting "How dare they!" till
    mommy and daddy finally come home and feed you and put you to bed.

  7. Both extremes make me chuckle. It's uke schtick. Do we have to run them off? They have to live with themselves and their public image sucks. Did you look at how many venues they're playing in Germany? We'll have to asks our friends in the German Ukulele Club to give us some feedback for their live performances. Have they performed yet? I saw one venue was sold out.

  8. Ron Hale - I don't know who you are but you made my day.

    I'm part of the Tonbridge Grammar School (TGS) Ukulele Orchestra and your comment means so much. We all love playing the ukulele and James Drake, our founder, is such enthusiastic, wonderful person. Your support is very much appreciated, thank you so much! :D

  9. You made my day too!!!!

    Thank you soooo much it's absolutely insanely brilliant that somebody enjoys our crazy musical ramblings as much as we enjoy making it! And although it's our founder's last year in TGS (our school) but we have a great set of amazing people lined up and who knows maybe they'll come back occasionally :)

    Feel free to check our Youtube account and our newest part of the revolution an EPIC Lady Gaga mash-up!!

    Enjoy and thank you all you wonderful people :D