Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mathias Kom || The Burning Hell (22 minutes of Jamming!)

I know this is a Bari-Uke and that's not for some but party needs to bust lose! Wow this is a wild party! The Burning Hell band is on wikipedia as a Canadia Indie Roots, Rock band from Petersborough, Ontario, Canada. See the wiki info. They have a rocking live party.
"Mathias Kom is the Pope of Pop. Witness this highly entertaining 6-song videoEP, recorded at the Gordon Best in Ptbo November 2008. Featuring an amazing lineup and a brand new song from the band's coming release. THE BURNING HELL can be found at MYSPACE and and can be purchased at"

1 comment:

  1. Those who don't like baris, Jeff, can crawl back into
    their re-entrant caves as far as I'm concerned. Way past time to have evolved beyond this sort of thing. Besides, unless my eyes deceive me, a banjo uke is used here. So there... Mathias and Company take a backseat to no one on HU.