Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hailey Wojcik || Amnesia

Cheerful little tune...

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  1. Well, if you ask me, Hailey did a bang-up job on this, Jeff, right up my alley. Some more bang-up jobs right up my alley follow...

    Ukulele Orchestra of Korea (Diana)

    This next one is a music video from a Korean jazz band, and very nice it is, too -

    Prelude "Piccadilly Circus" Music Video (Official)

    A couple of rockers, both from the same performance and both from FollyOfYouthUK -

    Allo Darlin' Live @ Night & Day, Manchester
    29 Jan 2011

    Allo Darlin' The Polaroid Song Live @ Night &
    Day Manchester 29 Jan 2011

    Something different here, a short film in two parts from 550Duser -

    The Ukulele Method

    Watch both to see if true love and the ukulele win out at the end.