Tuesday, March 1, 2011

George Formby || I'm a Ukulele Man

Very clear and clean vintage double entendre George at his best...

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  1. Tip top stuff, Jeff. Poor George just can't help himself, he was born this way. But you know me, HU, Ive got a million recommendations to make, and I can't help myself either, I was born this wa-hey.

    Brendan Maclean covers Lady Gaga- Born This Way

    Hey Soul Sister (Train) cover by Vinish B and
    xticklesmilex - Multitrack

    A visit to Vinish B's channel viniciusabarros89
    would be repaid many times over. I can vouch for his covers of I'm Yours and Teenage Dream. There's a lot more stuff there, too.

    Valium by misfitphotos

    Now, this one pushes the edge and some may say it falls right over it. Not a warm, fuzzy uke song/video. If shotguns make you edgy, stay away. You were warned...

    For reggae fans -

    No Burger, I Cry