Friday, February 25, 2011

Ukes & Yo-Yo's [Don't Judge a Post by it's Cover]

A FUN time shown in a collection of performances!

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  1. I tried, but I could never become a master of yo, Jeff. No coordination. Ukes and yo-yos go together, so let's see more of this tandem and no more of the dreaded ukes and kazoos. Now, and this is just me I know, but personally I like ukes and tap dancing. Not big on ukes and hula hooping, hooped it up as a kid, no doubt couldn't keep it up at my age.

    Always have a few to push on the good folks who
    visit you, HU. So let's see -

    Koppel Responds - Koppel responds to O'Reilly and Olbermann - sings Lady Gaga

    17 HIPPIES Marlene

    DeadBelgian Amsterdam

    The Kaiser Chiefs with the Ukulele Orchestra