Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Richard G' Ukulele Song Book || Crocodile Rock

Richard G's Arrangement (Click Here)

This makes a great ukegroup play along.

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  1. Elton's song could be paired with Seeso's,
    I'm a Queen to good effect, Jeff. Which reminds me...

    We all know your Swedish roots and your pride in
    that branch of your family tree, HU, and rightfully proud you are, too. Which is why I'm sure you would
    want to promote a band of ukers from one of the old countries. And do I have just the band for you.

    Those who want to see it done Swedish style, try the Fagersta Ukulele*Klubb videos on TheKajoab YT channel. Start with Ace of Spades, perhaps, and feast your eyes on the banner and t-shirt logos, which shirt, by the by, gives Gary's Ukulelia attire a huge run for its money.