Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ooks of Hazard (Live & Good!)

" presents THE OOKS Recorded live at the 4th Annual 2011 Denver Ukefest. The OOKs performed REDNECK MOTHER, KIDS and MAN OF CONSTANT SORROW. Film directed by Gary Crabtree"


  1. You know me, Jeff, I'm just a redneck mother, Wine Country style. But it seems to me that a Legalize Prostitution bumper sticker is much more likely to be paired with an I Love Obama sticker than with an I Love Bush sticker. Maybe not on a pick-up truck, but on one of them green hybrids, say. And here in the blue Bay Area they're 'sex workers'.

  2. Plumb forgot my favorite country uke video of all time, HU.

    Ukulele Leg Crossing Part 3 - Tutorial Series -
    Country Music