Friday, February 4, 2011

NO-UKE-ZONE || Faun (Oliver & Fiona) The Nightingale

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  1. Well Faun is my favorite band, Jeff. These are just
    two of its members, of course. Generally
    described as a medieval pagan folk band. Now what does that mean?

    Well, they use many and various instruments in their music, including, but not limited to guitar, mandola, nyckelharpa, various sizes of recorders, flutes, celtic harp, hurdy gurdy, various and sundry percussion instruments, and in their plugged-in guise synthesizer and various computer-created effects.

    They both write their own lyrics and use medieval texts in many languages, just a few of which are German, Latin, Spanish, old Icelandic, French. They compose their own tunes to the texts.

    Best, for any so adventurously inclined, to watch them. One very nice video of them is
    posted here onsite and can be brought up merely
    by searching on the band's name.

    A couple of my favorites -

    Faun - Quant Je Suis Mis Au Retour

    Faun - Tinta (Live 2007)