Saturday, February 12, 2011

Mike DaSilva || Fine Luthiery (Take a LOOK!)

If you like to see beautiful instruments, be sure to scroll thru Mike DaSilva's photos. My concert Koa is in the photos as #197. Mike makes many fine reproductions from ca. 1890 ukuleles that are amazing and some of the in-lay work is fantastic as well. If you like candy... click below and scroll down.

I feel lucky to be able to see many of Mike's beauties close up. Today (2/12/2011) I am heading over there for Lil' Rev's newest class on his new book 101 licks for the ukulele.


  1. How much fun is that! Yes, Mike makes great ukes. I had the opportunity to build a ukulele at Mike's and learn under his coaching. What a great week that was for me! Hope to hear how you liked the workshop. UP

  2. Tell Mike to send some photos to, Jeff. A thousand uke photos and the last time I looked not one DaSilva.