Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ansambel Vedun || Havajska hvalnica Zemlje in Kozmosa

Deep, deep, DEEP research man Ron Hale stupefies me with another rare video! Look at all of those instruments.

No uke, but an instrument that looks something like a hammered mountain dulcimer and then there's some zen buddhist sounding throat vocalizing that's, well, other worldly.

Himmalayan Bowl Meditative Sounds. "Weaving the sonic threads of the arranging singing and sounds of Himalayan bowls to establish man's harmony with the Earth and Cosmos."

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  1. One of a kind, Jeff. Alan Watts said something like we don't come into this world, we grow out of it, like an apple from an apple tree. Organic. Another one of a kind, though a different kind, that some might enjoy -

    Tube! Carla Bruni chante au ukulele pour les
    Don Quichotte - SDF - CC